Testosterone Enanthate after cycle therapy after using this steroid

What is PCT? After stopping the drug, most men are advised to follow a post-cycle treatment (PCT) plan. A high-quality and effective PCT regimen includes SERMs such as Nolvadex (tamoxifen citrate) and Clomid (clomiphene citrate) and the peptide hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). You can recover well without a PCT plan, but it takes a very long time. Persistent low […]

Testosterone Enanthate effect and side effects of this steroid

Positive effects of Enandrol Testosterone Enanthate provides a number of highly desirable effects, both in terms of appearance and athletic performance.For bodybuilders who want to build muscle and burn fat, nothing beats Enandrol. Testosterone Enandrol binds to androgen receptors on fat cells, preventing the formation of more fat and promoting fat burning. Enandrol also causes more muscle growth than fat […]

Testosterone Enanthate combined course (in combination with others)

Testosterone enanthate naturally Concentration fluctuations over time (after 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks) with varying frequency of intakeThe anabolic effect of Testosterone Enanthate is directly proportional to the dosage used. You can see this relationship in the graph on the right. The recommended dose is 250-500 mg per week, with the dose usually increased as the athlete gains weight. […]

Testosterone Enanthate solo course with this steroid

Testosterone Enanthate (Enandrol) Solo Testosterone is considered the king of all anabolic steroids and is therefore often the backbone of all cycles. Therefore, testosterone alone can have significant benefits. This applies to all forms, including Enanthate (Enandrol).Enanthate can be used alone, without the need for other anabolic steroids, and can have estrogenic side effects. For beginners, only testosterone courses with […]

Testosterone Enanthate description

What is testosterone enanthate? The remedy is a yellow greasy lump. The active ingredient is a natural testosterone ester dissolved in oil. The chemical formula of this compound is C7H14O2. This tool is manufactured by various pharmaceutical companies. The most popular and most popular drug is Testoviron Depot (Galenika). The steroid is supplied in ampoules regardless of the manufacturer and […]